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Saturday, 14 September 2013

Video from Christmas Filming - 13th September

Doctor Who continues to shoot its Christmas 2013 special. They were filming in a private location on the 13th September and we have a short video of the scene.

Thanks to Colin W for the heads up.

Filming continued last night (13th Septemeber) on the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were filming scenes on a possible different planet. Below the video is a brief outline of what was said in the video:

Doctor: "What do we make of [inaudible] eh? Three O'Clock in the afternoon; must be very short days here

Clara: Is it Christmas here too?  [This is kind of a guess]

Doctor: No, it's the height of the Summer

Clara: [Inaudible]

Doctor: [Inaudible] slowing and the MESSAGE is coming from THAT tower! Ah! Hello! Hello there...


  1. "Height of Summer"

    It's funny because it is, or was, just a couple weeks ago

  2. they are going to an alien planet that is cool

  3. Christmas on an alien planet?
    Kind of lame, if you ask me. First of all, they've already done this in "A Christmas Carol," (where oddly enough that planet's society seemed to be in an Earth 1800s era)..

    Let's be honest here. Christmas is a term derived from "Christ," relating to the Christian religion.

    Why is there Christianity on an alien planet?!

    If it's Earth's distant future, why the fudge would religion still be around?! That's like us still living in caves!

  4. @Ethan White, I agree, but it sounds to me like that's not actually what they're doing. It sounds like the Doctor specifically says it's NOT Christmas, so maybe Clara's question is meant to sound incredulous (as in "I know this makes no sense, but is it Christmas here too?") or perhaps even teasing or sarcastic.

    As for Christmas in "Christmas Carol," I think it's meant to have become a bit more generic by then, and I think that's at least plausible. People tend to celebrate the holidays their parents taught them to celebrate, so even if the original meaning gets lost or perverted, they end up doing something special that day. Easter for example s a continuation of spring equinox festivals that I think date back thousands of years. So I dunno, you're still right that it's a stretch, but I think it's at least plausible. Maybe I'm just defending it because I liked the episode so much though!

  5. i guess we wont know until the episode but it is nice that they have gone to an alien planet

  6. ' is it Christmas here to? ' must be another planet! I'm okay with this!

  7. Err, lots of Atheists and Non-Christians celebrate Christmas too simply because it's a good holiday to have.
    I'm not religious at all but I still buy Easter Eggs every year.

  8. I'm also an atheist, and I of course exchange gifts on Christmas Day & have dinner with the fam (watch Doctor Who), but I'm looking at this LOGICALLY.

    If we are to assume it's Earth's distant future, the odds of "Christmas" still being that similar to what we celebrate today is remote. Unlikely, in fact.

    We're talking about millions of years here, not thousands. We can't even remember why statues were erected on Easter Island, and that was only a few hundred years ago. Our way of life will be as vague to those future denizens as the life of a dinosaur is to us.

  9. If it isn't Christmas, then have it look so much like it?

    I just wish Moff could write a Xmas special that isn't so....well...Christmasy. His plots tend to revolve directly around the Xmas holiday.

    The End of Time was Tennant's finale, but RTD didn't go out of his way to smother the 2 parter in colorful lights, bells, flying sleighs, xmas hats, snow, etc.

    No, it was a two part story of solid Doctor Who, which it what it should be.

    Just because it's "Xmas" doesn't mean it has to be about Xmas.

  10. Well, I see your point and it's certainly a little unrealistic. But I think it's just one of the things they have to do to make the show connect with contemporary audiences. Clara is a companion from contemporary times, so of course some portion of the plot is going to involve her thinking about Christmas in the regular way. As for the coincidence of there being Christmas lights on another planet, it's definitely a contrivance but no more so than the fact that almost all the aliens they meet are humanoid. It just gives us something more to relate to.

    Personally I really enjoy Christmas specials which involve Christmas but I also agree with your broader point; it's been a while since we've seen one where it didn't factor in as much and it would be nice to have some variety.

  11. Some folks are starting to speculate that the thing Matt's holding in his left hand might be a cyberman's head! What do you guys suppose?

  12. Bah humbug! It's Christmas day and a lot of people watching won't be hardened whovians looking for every micro detail and expecting the next Agatha Christie meets Jurassic Park - they'll be kids and stuffed grandparents just looking for a little Christmas spirit and 50 minutes of fantasy.

    I would like to say however, that I don't think Christmas day is the best time for a new doctor to come along - I'd rather they had changed doctors over at the end of the 50th somehow instead of preventing the Christmas special from being a stand alone episode with all the silliness and random celebrities that they attract and also to prevent either the over darkening of a family Christmas tale or the diluting and taming of a story line so it will suit a holiday audience.

    However the exception to the rule was The End of Time - but to me, that's because that doctor had re-popularized the character with the nation and I think the fans really did want that big finale send off. Although I really do like the current doctor (especially the ponds/river/silence story arc) I don't think he has connected as well with the audience or portrayed the roll as convincingly.

    Listen to me - too much wine tonight, that's my problem LOL

  13. The doctor does seem to make a habit of picking earth companions of only one religious perspective. And never a Jehovah's witness either, hmm. . .

    I now have a politically incorrect joke in my head involving a dalek who's hiding from the front door.

  14. D - "What do we make of this place, eh? It's Two o clock in the afternoon; must be very short days here."

    C - "Is it Christmas here too?"

    D - "No it's the height of summer"

    D - "Snow is slowing and the MESSAGE is coming from THAT tower! Ah! Hello! Hello there"

  15. Planet moving away from the sun, perhaps?


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